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Home News glu3D GPU Edition for 3dsMax 2013- NEW!

glu3D GPU Edition for 3dsMax 2013- NEW!

New! glu3D GPU is the NVIDIA CUDA GPU accelerated version of the well know glu3D fluid dynamics plugin for 3dsMax. It speeds up intensive computations that glu3D performs to calculate particle fluid dynamics. With this glu3D edition it is possible to simulate faster and with more particles than before; it is possible to simulate your scene more times; it is almost interactive. Animated fluid scenes with more quality and level of detail.

New! latest version of glu3D GPU includes GPU pwrapper plugin - liquid surface builder.

This 3dsMax plug-in system works under all 3dsMax from version 9 to 2013 in both system architectures: x64 and x86. Try the evaluation DEMO version by downloading it from here.

Here is an introduction to glu3D GPU interface and workflow provided by Senior 3D artist Joe Gunn (appreciate it!)

Wheel splash animation made by Jignesh Jariwala by using 1.2 Mparts in less than two hours. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 October 2012 18:15 )